Right Field Farm - David and Lina Brunton

Our small farm is tucked into a forest, near the Severn River, by the Chesapeake Bay.  The land had been used as a baseball field until 2002, but the facilities were in disrepair by the time we bought it in 2009.  Our house sits in what used to be right field, hence the name Right Field Farm. 

We grow a mix of annual and perennial flowers with an eye toward all the natural beauty that Maryland has to offer. 

Instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we rely on the natural defenses of our farm. Our herd of sheep and goats, make plenty of excellent fertilizer. Our honeybees are busy pollinating flowers and making us honey to eat.  We use cover crops on our beds over winter to increase soil fertility and decrease run-off into the waterways. And while we do a lot of bug-squishing, our chickens do their part, too, along with the natural bug predators we encourage to live nearby.  The end result: Fresh, beautiful flowers, totally free from the harsh chemicals that come on most bouquets.

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