Early June on the Farm

We're marveling in the return of the sun this week, and the flowers seem to be marveling at it as well! A couple kinds are new to the rotation this year, and we love them.  This calliopsis is a double win - darling sprays of beautiful flowers and it is one of the plants in our dye garden.  The flowers can produce a dye for cloth that can range from yellow to orange.  Pollinators love it too.  Talk about a win!


After the rain, it was like all the purple and blue flowers decided to have a conference or something. David counted nine varieties either just starting or just finishing blooming at once: salvia, cynglossum, tradescantia, borage, centaurea, scabiosa, and our perennial (get it?) favorite - lavender!


Of course, some of the other reliable beauties are back this week too and it's like seeing old friends again whenever they bloom.  The yarrow always brings a smile with its delicate array of blossoms.


Here's to seeing lots of old friends this summer!
David and Lina