Goodbye Peonies, Hello Summer!

Peony season ended with pink, and OH THE PINK! With a thank you to the new customers who made orders and picked up bunches this past week, the last few of these beauties will be tucked into bunches at David's Market this week:


There's plenty more bright colors hot on the heels of the peonies. As we head into June the larkspur and snapdragon are starting with our next burst of color, and there's these Mystic Merlin Mallow (say that three times fast!) that might be the most magical color we've ever grown!


But the real story this week isn't pink at all: it's the amazing fragrance and beautiful contrast between white dianthus and all the green things that are blooming! 


If you’re trying to identify all the shades of green and white, that’s bupleurem, monarda, orlaya, dianthus, and agrostemma. Sounds like a magic spell, because it is!

Accio Snapdragons!
David and Lina

P.S. In case that spell doesn't work, you can always just order some beautiful flowers from us!