Cool Flowers

Orlaya is one of our favorite flowers to bloom in spring. We plant it twice, once in the fall and once in the spring, and it plants itself liberally in-between. We save some seeds and buy some new seeds each year, and all is well with the world when it starts blooming:


At the same time of year, thanks to a lovely book called "Cool Flowers" , we have a few other flowers that we plant in the fall that start blooming now as well. They are all hardy annuals that don't mind the cold of Maryland winters as long as they are in a low tunnel for protection.  Our first Dianthus came this week, our first Agrostemma, and the Bachelors Buttons have started in greater profusion.


While all of this is happening, the end of the frost season is nigh, and it means the next round of seedlings are going out to the field. This week the big push was for zinnias and dahlias. We're trying out some new varieties, and we're planting some dahlias from seed for the first time (usually they're done from clones of a parent plant, either bulb divisions or cuttings).  Dahlias bloom for us in the later summer and into autumn, after the hot flowers of summer have faded.  We love designing with spring flowers, blooming now but planted last fall, while planting flowers that we will design with this fall.  It all circles around!


We love feeling optimistic with the sun overhead and flowers in the vase.

David and Lina