Lilac and Dogwood and Cherry, Oh My!

The trees are all blooming this week! The cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. start the show around here early on, and then everything else with branches blooms all at once. 

The cherry blossoms were a fantastic centerpiece to this arrangement we did for a wedding last weekend on the beach of Chesapeake Bay.  


Flowering dogwood is another favorite, and it blooms in surprising array of colors. Our far and away favorite is this light pink one on our farm. It’s a feature presentation in the field for the second week straight.


And the lilacs!

They're just starting, and we wish they'd never finish.  But that short bloom period is also part of what is so special about them.


Spring color is here and we are loving the pops of color with the full array of greens everywhere.

David and Lina