Everything is Blooming


This week feels like *that* week in Maryland. When everything that was tan and brown and gray becomes pink and yellow and green. It feels like magic


We felt very lucky this week because a good friend came and helped us plant a couple thousand seedlings on her day off.  Thanks Nicki!  Here's some blue sky and plum blossoms in your honor.


Our design work is benefiting from some amazing new flowers this year. Blueberry blossoms in bud vases, hops in table arrangements, and all the narcissus!


And the first poppies (wood poppies, still no Icelandic poppies but they’re coming soon) are popping:


And crabapple!  We're so happy to see all the shades of pink on this delightful tree.


We’re still a couple weeks out from our last frost, but it feels like the flowers are taking hold.

David and Lina