Happy With Hellebores

Bernie is not impressed with your fierce winds, March!

Sure, you proved that groundhog right after all, but we're ready for you to be a lamb now.


The windstorm on Friday was strong enough to close the government, but we were lucky that the 70 MPH winds didn't damage much on our farm.  We had a lot of tree limbs down, but only a couple on the pasture fences.  Our low tunnels holding our hardy annuals came through with flying colors.

Of course the flowers don't seem to mind any more than Bernie does. Despite the weather, we're pretty sure this is the first time a few of our hellebore plants have ever bloomed (they're three years old now), because neither of us can remember seeing these particular beauties that showed up this week:

Our main winter cover crop is a beautiful stand of very green winter rye. It’s a perfect cover crop for us - it grows in the winter, it fixes nitrogen in the soil, suppresses weed growth, reduces erosion- it’s great. So far the only drawback we’ve encountered is that the deer entirely agree with our opinion on winter rye, and they would also add: tastes great!



It’s not really a big problem if they eat some of the rye, but we don’t want them to start thinking of those rows as a salad bar either. After we took this picture, the kids all ran down to the end of the field to chase off the deer, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be back. 

Happy with Hellebores,
David and Lina