Seedlings 🌱🌱🌱 Sprouting

The cold weather isn't behind us yet, but our winter break from farming is well and truly over. Quite a few of the seeds from last week are already sprouting. These are Iron Rose stock from Johnny's, still a few weeks away from planting in the field.


This week we'll cut our first kanzan cherry for forcing early blooms. Cherry blossoms really are right around the corner, even if it's dreich now.


If you're a gardener or a farmer in our area, you're probably already familiar with Weeds of the Northeast. One of the authors is our friend Dr. Richard Uva of Seaberry Farm. Each year when the seed bank in our soil offers up new surprises, his is the book we consult first.


This beauty is Evening Primrose (see page 264). In summer it's one of the prettiest weeds in our woods, and today it's soaking up as much of the warm winter sun as it can get with this amazing rosette. Even gray February has its own surprising beauty.

Dreaming of blue skies and pink flowers,
David and Lina