Flower Friends

We loved hearing from so many people from last week's email. Even if we don't get back to everyone right away, the encouragement is truly wonderful. We pass the encouragement along to the plants, and the plants do what this Autumn Joy Sedum is doing: they grow!


As we close out February, our flower season is heading into full swing. The earliest seedlings will be planted out under row covers this week, a bit of a gamble aided by this year's unseasonably warm weather. They've already been playing outside for a few hours each day (for real, it's called "hardening off" and we take them outside for a bit longer each day). Cerinthe, stock, snapdragons, and farewell-to-spring will all be moving out, making room under the lights for the next round of seeds.

Of course, it's peak blooming season for the Lenten Roses:


These beauties won't be ready for cutting for a few more weeks, but they sure are fun to look at. We cut hellebores after they set seed, which means all of those wispy bits in the center are replaced by five pretty seed pods arranged in the center.

March on the flower farm can be a bit of a march. Thousands of seedlings will sprout here over the next month, under lights and out in the field. Cover crops will be mowed down and tilled in to get ready for them, and all the perennials will come back on their own.

But you'll all be glad we did it very soon!
David and Lina