Spring Equinox

March 22

Crocuses are another bloom (like the snowdrops from last week) that we can't easily send home with you. But we sure are thankful for them! Tommy got them to pose for this picture on Monday.


And since you saw the hellebores up close last week, here's a picture of the field where they're marked with blue flags so we can find them. The red fox pictured with them adores hellebores and he can't bear to think that a mouse or a vole might be bothering them, so he's keeping a lookout.  It's either that or his hope that a delicious chicken will wander outside of the electric fence.  Who can tell?  Bernie was not amused (it's a theme), and at first we thought he was mad at the hellebores, but as it turns out he just didn't want to share them with a fox.


We did get some planting done Sunday, even though it's still cold. We tilled in some of that beautiful green rye the deer love so much, and then we tucked in poppies, campanula, agrostemma, and the first few snapdragons.


And then on Wednesday, Winter got one (hopefully) last swipe in with a snowstorm that covered everything in heavy, wet snow.  We love hot chocolate and sledding as much as anyone, but we've put in a request for Spring to go ahead and bring on the balmy temperatures and gentle breezes that help the flowers grow.


Until then, we'll be busy keeping foxes out and shoveling snow.

Stay warm little plants!

David and Lina