Saint Patrick and the Seedlings

The third week of March is a busy one! St. Patrick's Day marks our planting date for quite a few of our favorite spring flowers. Of course, the seedlings have been growing for awhile now, and we've been hardening them off on the porch for a little longer each day.  They need a slow introduction to the outside after living in the lap of plant luxury under lights in our back room. 

We are so excited to get these seedlings into the field!

In the meantime, we've been playing with the snowdrops that sprout all over the forest floor these early spring days.  Snowdrops aren't a flower we'll send home with customers - they don't last quite long enough for that to be practical. But they are a delightful spring ephemeral that just keep spreading farther through the woods every year. And somebody has to keep the hellebores company until the cherry blossoms get here!


The snowdrops, along with blueberry buds, pachysandra, curly willow, and a few dried gomphrena and lavender from last season, became Katie's first spring posey.

Searching for four leaf clovers,
David and Lina

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