Signs of Spring

We got so many lovely responses to our newsletter last week, and one question that came up was: why did we call it week one? The answer turns out to be an easy one: at Right Field Farm, the first week of February is fourteen weeks before our last frost, and it's when we start planting again.

But there are other signs of spring as well. Last year we moved some snowdrops to a brand new spot next to the hellebores from Pine Knot Farms in North Carolina. This year, they're telling us spring is around the corner:


It's exhilarating to start planting, even if it's still really cold outside.

We use the soil mix right out of Eliot Coleman's The New Organic Grower, which means this week we've been mixing up peat moss, compost, rock phosphate, green sand, and a tiny bit of lime to make soil blocks. Johnny's Seeds is one of our favorite seed sources, and they also carry the soil blockers we use to make the blocks that sprout all our seeds.


There so many signs of spring on the farm. Buds are swelling on the trees, chickens are starting to lay again, and this week we'll be adding a little over two minutes per day of sunlight.

With all this hope in the air, it's still cold, it's still February, and we know what everyone needs to tide them over. We'll have daffodils before we know it, in all the new varieties we trialled last year with great names like Bridal CrownPink Charm, and Yellow Cheerfulness.

This one is called Tahiti and we want to take a bath in this color.


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Dreaming of yellow,
David and Lina