Groundhog Was Wrong

Groundhogs, as it turns out, are not great at predicting weather. We were promised six more weeks of winter, but we're hitting record-setting temperatures more typical for April than February.


The wacky weather creates some challenges for farmers. Some plants get confused by the warmth and put out buds earlier than is wise. A normal freeze a bit later in the spring could mean fewer cherry blossoms or hydrangea.

Birds, on the other hand, don't seem to have a problem with it. I think they were just hanging out waiting for a warm day.


This little guy came out and perched on the hop trellis on Monday. Not pictured are several dozen of his friends down on the ground and over in the dogwoods. 


There are a few snowdrops and hellebores blooming, but we're still leaning on last year's color. These gorgeous dried gomphrena are hanging in the foyer, and every time we walk by they remind us of summer in Maryland.